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Partial Lunar Eclipse, September 07th, 2006

Photo, 17K Jpeg
20:32:06 local time (18:32:06 UT), the moon 4.8° above the horizon.

Photo, 17K Jpeg
20:51:20 local time (18:51:20 UT), around maximum eclipse, the moon 7.2° above the horizon.

Photo, 22K Jpeg
21:22:21 local time (19:22:21 UT), the moon 11.0° above the horizon.

Location: Farum, Denmark.

Equipment: Canon 350D + 70-300mm DO at 300mm, handheld. Exposure: 1/250 sec, f/8, 400 ISO.

Text and photos: Stig Linander, created: 2006-09-07, last revised: 2006-09-11